Updating navigation

In Vilnius and Kaunas updating navigation.

We update all types of navigation with the latest Lithuanian and European maps:

We also repair navigation devices, providing both software and technical services. Replacing broken screens. We repair wiped devices. Reprogramming systems. Re-soldering of various components, replacement of parts. Repair broken sockets. We carry out diagnostics before carrying out repairs. If you are insured, we can issue a repair certificate to the insurance company.

updating navigations

Updating navigation - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the most frequently asked questions from customers who contact us to update their navigation.

1. How much does it cost to update my navigation?

This depends on the device you want to upgrade. For portable navigators, the average cost of a navigation update is €15. The cost of upgrading in-car sat navs can be as low as €15 or as high as €30 and higher. Contact us with your appliance or car model and year of manufacture and we'll give you an answer on what navigation upgrade cost the specific situation.

 2. In-car navigation updated from SD card or USB stick?

Depending on your device, you will need either an SD card or a USB device to install the system and map update. Older systems are updated from a CD. When ordering a system and map update from Techremontas you will receive an SD card or USB stick.

SD card: maximum size 32 GB (do not use a micro SD card)
USB memory: maximum size 64 GB

However, in certain exceptional cases, both the card and the USB stick can even be used for the update.

3. How can I tell which navigation system my car has?

The car system and the type of navigation update are usually selected according to the car's make, model and year. In some cases, a photo is required. Please contact us and we will help you. You can also click on the make of your car at the top of this page to set up the system yourself according to its specifications.

If you need a navigation update, contact us in Vilnius and Kaunas.