Repair of televisions

Vilnius and Kaunas high quality and professional work TV repairs and fast diagnostics.

Liquid crystal and plasma TV and their accessories repairs:

  • We repair ECG, eSTAR, Finlux, Haier, Hitachi, Kruger & Matz, LG, Manta, Muse, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sencor, Sharp, Shivaki, Sony, Thomson, TV Star TVs and Annexes

If you are insured, we can issue a repair certificate to the insurance company.

LCD TV repair

We provide both software and technical services. Reprogramming firmware. Replacement and repair of defective components (motherboards, power supply / T-Con boards, converters, etc.) Re-solder various components. Repair broken sockets. We carry out diagnostics before carrying out repairs. We work with Authorised manufacturers' parts suppliers for repairs.

Reasons why customers most often need TV repairs

If you have a problem with your TV, it is best and most reliable to have your TV repaired by qualified technicians from Techremontas. However, if you're curious about how repairs are carried out, or if you'd like to try to carry out repairs yourself, you can read a lot about it in

1. The TV picture is blurry or there is interference on the TV screen

If you see the TV picture flickering, it may simply be that the video signal is not of good quality due to the position of the antenna or the speed of the internet at which the TV is being delivered. This is especially likely if the TV picture looks as if it has been cut into many small squares. The first thing you should do is to check all the connections between the TV set, set-top box or other device from which the picture is being viewed. Make sure that all connections to and from the TV are fully switched on. If lines are still visible on the TV screen, you should first contact your TV service provider.

2. The LED, OLED, QLED or plasma TV has cracks or lines

If lines appear on your TV, first turn on the TV menu. If you still see lines running through the video screen in the menu, or if the screen is cracked, it's the fault of the screen itself. Unfortunately, this repair is not cost-effective. Check whether you still have an extended warranty or insurance and whether this warranty will replace the TV if there are lines on the screen. When the TV screen is damaged by physical impact, most warranties do not cover replacement of the TV screen. In this case, we are usually contacted to issue a a repair certificate for the TV.

3. The TV turns on but doesn't show a picture

One of the most common TV problems is when a customer switches on the TV and no picture is displayed. This can be caused by several different reasons. Firstly, the TV may be plugged into the wrong input connector. Take the TV remote control and press the button that says "source", "input" or "TV/video". Keep pressing the button until you have tested all inputs. If the TV has been switched to the wrong input and you have pressed the input button several times, the picture on the screen should eventually recover. If the problem persists, have your TV repaired by Techremonto.

4. An echo can be heard

What happens if you hear an echo when you turn on the TV? In this case, you probably have a problem with your separate sound system. If you are using a surround sound system or a sound bar, it is possible that the sound is amplified both on the TV speakers and through the external sound system. If the volume is turned up on the TV speakers, the TV is playing the sound simultaneously with the external speakers, but with a delay, resulting in an echo. If you have paid for a separate sound system, you will have to turn down the volume on your TV to hear the home cinema speakers. To cancel the echo, you can simply mute, unmute or turn down the TV sound. If you continue to have problems with your sound system, contact our TV repair shop.

But there are other reasons why you hear the sound late. For example, you may see a person's mouth moving, but the sound is delayed. Find your TV's sound settings and adjust the sound delay settings. Once you have done this, the TV picture and sound should be back in sync.

5. TV not connecting to the internet

Smart TVs require a strong internet connection. Without a proper internet connection to your TV, you won't be able to stream your favourite shows on Hulu, Amazon or Netflix. Your TV may not connect to the internet properly if you've just installed a new smart TV, the power has gone out or you've changed internet providers. Many smart TVs come with a troubleshooting test you can run to find out why the internet isn't working properly. You can also try resetting your internet router to see if that helps fix the problem. If nothing helps, you can try restoring the TV to factory settings before taking it in for repair.

Contact our experienced TV repair experts today

If you have tried the above solutions and your TV still does not work properly, you need an experienced TV technician. "Techremontas provides all its customers with a diagnostic and a quick estimate of the faults and repairs of the TV. If your TV is not working properly and you need a TV repair, we can help. Contact us today.

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