Scooter repairs (electric)

All types of power plants in Vilnius and Kaunas scooter repairs. We not only repair all types of scooters, but also skate (segway).

  • We repair Xaiomi, Ninebot, Hama, Manta, Monowheel, Oxboard, Razor, Skymaster, SoloGo, YAKKA, IO HAWK, Future Foot, Wonfast, Skque, and other brands of skateboards and electric scooters
  • All types repair of wheels

If you are insured, we can issue a repair certificate to the insurance company.

electric scooter repairs

Replacing broken parts. Repairing wiped skates. We work with Authorised suppliers of parts. We re-solder various components and replace parts. Repair broken sockets. Replacing tyres. We carry out diagnostics before carrying out repairs.

Electric scooter repairs and answers to frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions asked by our customers who pick up their scooter after a repair.

1. What are the most common problems with electric scooters that customers contact us about?

These are operational repairs such as replacing broken hull parts, replacing brake pads or replacing punctured tyres/chambers. However, apart from operational repairs, the most common problems that customers come to us for are problems with the scooter's electronics, including the wiring, motor and controls. Battery problems are also very common. From the battery holding a charge much shorter than when it was new to the battery not supplying any voltage at all.

2. Do you have any tips on how to learn how to use an electric scooter as a beginner?

Using an electric scooter is very easy by following these tips:

  • Make sure you have all the safety equipment
  • make sure your scooter's battery is sufficiently charged
  • Switch on your scooter and start riding in the slowest possible mode
  • Place one foot on the podium and use the other foot to push the scooter if necessary
  • Press the accelerator button to start driving
  • To accelerate further, keep pressing the accelerator pedal
  • Lean forward to accelerate further or before a climb
  • Drive with the steering wheel turned and a slight lean to the side
  • Press the brake lever gently to stop

The process itself is very simple and you'll get the hang of it straight away.

3. Are electric scooters reliable?

The electric scooters produced in the last 5 years are very reliable. Electric scooter technology has improved very rapidly and the quality, motor power and battery capacity have increased many times over. Most modern models have a long range and last for many years.

Of course, this is not the case with all electric scooters. Some are simply low-quality models. In addition, there are still many old models in use that may have been of acceptable quality in their time.

In addition, electric scooter repairs are relatively easy and inexpensive compared to repairs for other vehicles.

4. Are electric scooters suitable for commuting?

Electric scooters are perfect for commuting. They are fast, efficient and great for avoiding traffic jams. They are perfect for any commute up to 20 kilometres, as their range exceeds this. Compared to other means of transport, they will generally be a better choice, especially in large cities. Of course, there are scenarios where they will not be suitable.

Electric scooter repairs needed. You can find us in Vilnius, Kaunas. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

E-scooter tips, repairs

  • Mistakes made by scooter owners
    Electric scooters, which have rapidly become popular in Lithuania, bring not only convenience but also some risks. One worrying factor is the increasing number of accidents related to the use of these vehicles. According to Raimonds Bieliauskas, Head of the Vehicle Claims Administration Department at ERGO, a number of incidents have been recorded in which both scooter drivers and other road users have been injured. ...
  • Benefits of electric scooters you never thought of
    Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in today's society as an attractive and popular alternative to traditional modes of transport. Not only are they useful for their compactness, manoeuvrability and environmental advantages, but they also have other, perhaps less well-known, benefits. One of these benefits is better body balance. Riding an electric scooter requires a certain amount of balance, which can be a great way for those ...
  • Causes of beeping in electric scooters: how to solve the problems
    Electric scooters are part of modern urban transport, but they can sometimes cause problems. A common phenomenon is the beeping of the scooter, which can indicate various technical problems or software bugs. Influence of the security system Most electric scooters are equipped with intelligent security systems. They use sensors to monitor the scooter's condition and performance. At every abnormality, the system sounds a beep, ...
  • Rise in electric scooter ignitions worries fire services
    Fire services have already recorded four cases of spontaneous combustion of electric scooters this year. Although this number seems high, experts are concerned because in previous years there were fewer such incidents. Difficult extinguishing process Last year, only one electric scooter fire was recorded, according to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD). This year, incidents occurred in Druskininkai, Vilnius and Palanga. In mid-July ...
  • Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration (LTSA) exposes scooterists' failure to comply with traffic rules
    The LTSA has carried out a study showing that the majority of electric scooter riders disregard the rules of the road (RR). Often, scooter riders do not take care of their own safety and the safety of other road users. The experiment took place over five hours in the centre of Vilnius and involved the observation of scooterists. 70% of them were found to be crossing pedestrian crossings, despite the mandatory rule to dismount and catch the scooter. A tenth of the drivers were not riding alone, but only 2% ...
  • About the new rules for scooterists - no innovation
    Parliament has started to regulate the use of electric scooters. Scooters will be limited in terms of power, with age and speed limits for riders. Municipalities will be able to ban scooters on pavements, but if there are no cycle paths and no signs, you can ride on the pavement, but not faster than 7 km per hour. More powerful scooters will have to have third party liability insurance, pass a roadworthiness test and be registered. Scooters up to 16 ...
  • What you should know about electric scooter electronics faults
    Failures in the electronics of an electric scooter are a common occurrence in any type of electric vehicle. Electrical problems can range from minor problems that cause minor inconveniences to major faults that render the vehicle unusable. The most common causes of electrical faults in electric scooters are loose or corroded connections, poor wiring or faulty components such as batteries, switches and ...
  • Electric scooter chassis faults
    Chassis failures on electric scooters can be incredibly inconvenient and dangerous for riders. The most common problems can be broken frames, loose screws or broken brackets. In some cases, these problems may not be visible to the naked eye, and if left uncorrected can cause serious damage. It is important to check your electric scooter regularly for signs of wear and tear or damage. If you notice any ...
  • Incorrect settings for electric scooters
    One of the most common mistakes made with electric scooters is when users fail to adjust their settings properly. On many models, the settings need to be adjusted before riding to ensure safe operation and optimal performance. Failure to do so can lead to a variety of problems, including reduced range, increased energy consumption and even potential safety hazards such as sudden shutdown or sudden changes in speed. In order to avoid ...
  • The wheel of an electric scooter does not turn
    The wheels of an electric scooter don't turn for a variety of reasons, from worn parts to improper maintenance. Before attempting any repairs, it is important to identify the exact cause of the problem so that it can be properly diagnosed and fixed. One of the most common causes of an electric scooter wheel not turning is a dead battery. If the scooter has been in use for some time, it is possible that the battery is no longer able to store ...