Repair of vacuum cleaners

In Vilnius and Kaunas vacuum cleaner repairs.

We repair domestic (home) and professional vacuum cleaners:

  • Correcting Adler, Amica, Beper, Bosch, Camry, Clatronic, Daewoo, Dirt Devil, Dyson, ECG, Electrolux, ETA, First, Grizzly, Guzzanti, Hoover, iRobot, Karcher, Lavor, MPM, Philips, Polti, Samsung, Saturn, Scarlett, Scarlett, Sencor, Severin, Siemens, Solac, Thomas, Zelmer vacuum cleaners

If you are insured, we can issue a repair certificate to the insurance company.

Replacing and repairing faulty components, boards, housings and motors. Re-solder various components. We carry out diagnostics before carrying out repairs.

vacuum cleaner repairs

The most common vacuum cleaner faults

Here is a list of the most common vacuum cleaner faults. Maybe your vacuum cleaner is experiencing one of them? We also give you tips on how you can try to fix your vacuum cleaner yourself. For more information on DIY repairs

1. Vacuum cleaner draught gone or too low

The suction of the vacuum cleaner may be impaired by an obstruction in the hose. If you think the hose is blocked, disconnect it from the pump and housing. Shake it well and try to dislodge any blockages. Check each end of the hose visually for blockages. If there are none, pass a broomstick through the hose to remove the clogs and dislodge them.

If the vacuum cleaner keeps clogging up, try pulling out all the detachable cleaning parts - the cleaning head, attachments, hose and wand - and soaping and washing them. Cleaning the pump in this way will not only help it to work better, but will also reduce the noise level.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner filters need to be cleaned regularly to keep the appliance running smoothly. If you haven't done this before, follow the instructions for cleaning the filter for the first time and then set reminders on your phone to clean the filter about once a month.

Remove the filters and scrub them with a brush. Then rinse to remove any remaining dust. Allow them to dry completely before putting them back in the vacuum cleaner. The only exception is the HEPA filters, which cannot normally be washed. Please refer to the instructions for your filter for details.

If it has been a long time since you bought your vacuum cleaner, you may need to replace the filter. You can usually buy them directly from the manufacturer or from vacuum cleaner dealers.

However, if the vacuum cleaner is still not working properly after cleaning, then there is a good chance that the vacuum cleaner motor will need to be repaired.

2. Smell of burning or no rotation of the vacuum cleaner nozzle brush

If you smell a burning smell when pumping, or if you notice that the nozzle brush doesn't turn, it's likely that the belt has broken and needs to be replaced. In this case, vacuum cleaner repairs are relatively inexpensive.

3. The vacuum cleaner switches off

Most vacuum cleaners have a function that switches off the vacuum cleaner when the motor gets too hot, to prevent the motor from overheating. This sensor can be triggered if the hose is blocked or if you have selected the wrong surface setting. For example, if you have set the floor setting to wooden and you are pumping a deep carpet. Clear the clogged hoses as described above and/or change the settings and the problem is solved.

If you use a handheld vacuum cleaner, make sure the battery is properly connected to the machine. If it is loose or incorrectly installed, it will not be able to power the vacuum cleaner properly and will shut down.

If none of these tips work, our vacuum cleaner repair experts are here to help.

4. The vacuum cleaner does not switch on completely

The pump doesn't turn on - it's as if nothing happens when the switch is turned on. In this case, first make sure that the vacuum cleaner is actually plugged into an electrical socket. Also check for faults in the cord itself. If you notice any damage, it's time to bring it to us for repair. In addition, the power switch or the entire switch board may also be defective. If you have checked all the other options and nothing works, this could be the problem.

Either way, if you need vacuum cleaner repairs - deliver to the nearest Techremontas branch in Vilnius or Kaunas.