Phone repair, unbinding

Vilnius and Kaunas to be carried out quality and professional phone repairs.

Repair different patterns smart phones.:

  • Mending and untying Alcatel, Apple (iPhone), CAT, Coolpad, DORO, GETNORD, HTC, Huawei, Just5, LG, Samsung (Galaxy), Sony (Xperia), SwissOne, ZTE phones, tablets, GSM modemus.
  • In particular specialise Samsung phone repairs and iPhone repairs.
  • We carry out work for all manufacturers mobile phone repairs!
  • Factory Unbinding iPhone and Samsung phones

mobile phone repairs

If you are insured, we can issue a repair certificate to the insurance company.

We provide both software and technical services. Replacing broken screens. Repair wiped phones. Rewriting operating system and firmware (software, firmware). Re-solder various components, replace parts. Repair broken sockets. We carry out diagnostics before carrying out repairs. We work with manufacturers Authorised suppliers of parts. Particularly high quality samsung phone and iphone repair.

List of faults for which we are most frequently contacted for phone repairs

The list of faults starts with the most common. While it is possible to try to carry out repairs yourself in some cases, it is best and most reliable to leave all the work to professionals. If you do decide to try to carry out the repairs yourself, more information on this can be found here.

1. Broken phone screen

A broken screen is one of the most common problems that bring your phone to our repair centre. No matter how hard we try to avoid it, phones can slip out of our hands and fall. First check if your phone is covered by phone insurance. If not, make sure you contact your nearest Techremont branch and bring your phone in for a professional screen replacement right away.

2. Faulty charging socket

If you're experiencing slow charging or no charging at all, it's usually due to a broken or otherwise faulty charging socket. Charging socket failures can be caused by many reasons. However, once the problem has occurred, make sure you take your phone in for repair as soon as possible. Although there are many DIY instructions and tricks for fixing this fault, we do not recommend following them, as they will usually only make the fault worse.

3. Your phone has been splashed with liquids or has fallen into liquids

We've all been in a situation where we've splashed tea or coffee on our phone. Or simply dropped into a swimming pool or bathtub. No matter how the damage occurred, it can be very complex and sometimes even unsolvable. So when you're faced with these situations, don't waste time, take your phone to a Techremontas phone repair centre to get help in time. The sooner the repair is carried out, the more likely it is to be successful.

4. Fast battery drain

This is another common problem that customers have with their mobile phones. This can be simply due to natural battery wear and tear, or due to the large number of apps installed on the phone. If you have identified the problem, take the necessary measures to keep the battery charged until the end of the day when you can charge it again. Simply take your phone to our repair centre to have it checked by a technician and offered the right solutions.

5. Speaker does not work

If you have a problem with the speaker, you should first check the headphone output. If your phone is still in headphone mode, reboot your phone. If this doesn't work, be sure to visit a Techremontas phone repair centre and let the technicians do the necessary repairs.

6. Your phone is overheating

Every phone generates heat through its screen, battery and processor. So slight or momentary heating is perfectly normal, especially if you've used your phone for a long time. However, if your phone heats up too much, this is a problem that requires professional help. So don't delay and take your phone to us the same day nearest repair centre.

7. Button not working

This problem is usually caused by a software or app malfunction. This happens when an incompatible app on your phone affects the keyboard on your phone. You can try rebooting your phone and see if everything returns to normal. If it doesn't, it's time to take your phone to a mobile phone centre for professional help.

These were just some of the most common faults that customers have to visit a phone repair centre for. If you are experiencing any of the above phone problems, it's better not to delay and take your phone to a trusted phone repair centre - Techremontas. Our technicians are highly skilled and can provide you with the best repair services. Our contacts are here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any problems or other questions.

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