How to effectively clean your smartphone memory

The mobile phone is an inevitable part of modern life. However, it is often a problem when you suddenly get a notification that your phone's memory is full. Many users do not know how to clear the memory properly and free up space on their phone.

The ways to clean the memory depend on the type of phone:

"Cleaning the memory on Android devices:

  • Clear the cache and delete temporary files.
  • Delete unwanted SMS messages or emails.
  • Delete apps you don't use or rarely use.
  • Using a special programme, you can automatically delete unnecessary files.
  • Use cloud or iCloud storage to store your files and apps, keeping your phone free.

"Cleaning the memory on iPhone devices:

  • Delete browser copies and temporary files.
  • Uninstall unused apps.
  • Delete conversations you no longer need from the chat list.
  • Get rid of unused files.
  • Avoid using the Photo Streaming feature, which can take up a lot of memory for videos and photos.

These simple techniques will help you avoid memory storage problems. If you are still experiencing difficulties, professionals can demonstrate the above methods and help you solve the problems in practice.

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