About the new rules for scooterists - no innovation

Parliament has started to regulate the use of electric scooters. Scooters will be limited in terms of power, with age and speed limits for riders.

Municipalities will be able to ban scooters on pavements, but if there are no cycle lanes and no signs, you can ride on the pavement, but not faster than 7 km/h. More powerful scooters will have to have third party liability insurance, pass a roadworthiness test and be registered.

Scooter riders under 16 years old will have to undergo special training and obtain a certificate. Children under 10 will only be able to ride under adult supervision in residential areas.

Scooter rental companies argue that the new rules will not lead to major changes as speed limits are already in place and informed by artificial intelligence.

Drunk scooter riders or those riding alone can be suspended from the Bolt system. Fines will be imposed for drink-driving offences, ranging from €80 to €200 and €40 for other offences. The new rules will come into force next year.

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