Rise in electric scooter ignitions worries fire services

Fire services have already recorded four cases of spontaneous combustion of electric scooters this year. Although this number seems significant, experts are concerned because in previous years there were fewer such incidents.

Difficult extinguishing process

Last year, only one electric scooter fire was recorded, according to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD). This year, incidents occurred in Druskininkai, Vilnius and Palanga. In mid-July, a rechargeable scooter caught fire in Vilnius, in March in Palanga, and at the end of June, a riding scooter caught fire in Vilnius. Another case occurred in Druskininkai this month.

Not all fires are reported, so the actual situation may be more serious. Tomas Veliseičik, a specialist at the Firefighter Rescue School, points out that fires are most often caused by problems with electrical wiring or lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are particularly difficult to ignite because of the specific dispersion of white smoke and the potential for flammable gases to escape from the battery.

Care is needed when extinguishing a scooter that has caught fire, as the electronics and batteries are located under the shell, which is difficult to open quickly. Experts recommend using plenty of water to cool the batteries faster. It is important not to charge the scooter while it is on fire.

Causes of the increase in fires

A representative of a Vilnius electric scooter service believes that there may be more cases of ignitions than the official statistics. He points out that better quality scooters are protected by active balance plates and advanced technologies that prevent the batteries from overheating.

It is important for buyers to pay attention to the characteristics and resistance of the scooter. It is also important to keep in mind that it is important to avoid riding in puddles or rain to avoid damaging the battery and avoid possible ignition.

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